C2.1: Multi-Layer, Thin-Film Repulsive-Force Electrostatic Actuators for a 2-DoF Micro-Mirror

Monday 25 June 2018, 15:50 – 16:10

Session Chairs: J. C. Lötters / U. Wallrabe


This paper presents a two degree-of-freedom micro-mirror system driven by 4 flexible, multi-layer thin-film repulsive-force electrostatic actuators (RFAs, each 13 x 19.5 mm with 500 um features). We demonstrate a functional multi-layer (>2-layer) RFA: it uses 4 – 8 layers for increased stroke length, has stable actuation without pull-in, has a consistent electrode pattern on each layer for ease of fabrication, separates oppositely-polarized electrodes on each layer with a polyimide substrate to prevent intra-layer shorting, and orients like-polarized electrodes on adjacent layers to prevent inter-layer shorting. We use four 4-layer RFAs (in antagonist pairs) to drive a micro-mirror system with 62 Hz bandwidth and 8.8º / 7.6º, stable, controllable rotations about 2-DoF at up to 2000 V.


E.W. Schaler*, University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, USA
L. Jiang, University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, USA
R.S. Fearing, University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, USA


Electrostatic, Repulsive-Force, Multi-Layer, Thin-Film, Micro-Mirror

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