ACTUATOR Creates Visions!

ACTUATOR 2018, International Conference and Exhibition on New Actuators and Drive System is the 16th in a series of biennial conferences held in Bremen, Germany. The launch event was in June 1988. It was initiated by VDI/VDE Technologiezentrum Informationstechnik, Berlin, Messe Bremen GmbH, the Senator of Economic Affairs of the Hanseatic City of Bremen and the University of Bremen.

Since 1992 the conference has focused on actuators based on smart materials and miniaturised electromagnetic drives. At that time, silicon was found to be the basic material for a new promising trend: integrated systems including sensors and actuators based on semiconductor technology. Microsystem technology / MEMS had been born. Thus, there was a need for new thin film micro actuators based on smart materials like e. g. piezoelectric crystals, shape memory alloys, giant magnetostrictive materials.

ACTUATOR offered this community a forum for the presentation and the exchange of RTD results. Lots of new products have been presented in the meantime, showing a huge performance in a minimum volume, designed for industrial as well as home applications. Well-known examples are the autofocus lenses for cameras as well as the fuel injection systems, both based on piezo actuators. Karl Lubitz of SIEMENS AG, member of the Programme Committee and also in charge of the SIEMENS piezo injector project at that time summed up the role of ACTUATOR in this concern concisely: “ACTUATOR creates visions! Without the visions presented at previous ACTUATOR we would not have been able to manage the development of this product”.  

In 2018 the event celebrates its 30th anniversary. We have handled about 2000 conference presentations published on 10,000 pages conference proceedings during these years – and we would appreciate to continue with your visions!

Thanks to all who have contributed and supported us to manage these efforts.