The Smart Actuator Company


The Smart Actuator Company
2 Assarts Lane
WR14 4JR Malvern
United Kingdom

Company Description

The Smart Actuator Company (SACO) was formed in 2011 to develop a new electric valve actuator by incorporating up to date computer and electronics technology in to the designs.
The first medium size actuator, delivering 40 to 100 Nm of programmable torque output was launched at the British Valve & Actuator Association (BVAA) Spring Conference in May 2014 and cost approximately 1 Million to Research, Develop, and Test. It incorporated many of the features only previously seen in actuators costing thousands of pounds more; such as failsafe, modulation and speed control.
In 2015 SACO won a 2.4 Million Horizon 2020 European Union Grant for a project to develop smaller and larger versions of the first medium product. They will deliver 0-40 Nm and 100-400 Nm of programmable torque output respectively. The large product will also be available as a 'Subsea' version which has already been tested down to 80 metres depth.


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