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The Wiesbaden Kurhaus - about History

Wiesbaden's importance as a spa town goes back to a long history - the Romans already knew about the thermal springs. Even the name Wiesbaden, derived from "Wisibada" - the bath in the meadows - gives an idea of the healing effects of Wiesbaden's springs as early as the Middle Ages.

Over the centuries, the importance of Wiesbaden grew with the need for amusement of the upper social classes, which made a representative spa house necessary. In 1810, the Old Kurhaus was finally completed in classicist style. A popular visitor was Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who praised the building during his numerous stays. In 1814, by the way, he met his late love Marianne von Willemer right here!

During the 19th century, Wiesbaden rapidly developed into spa of worldwide renown, a new Kurhaus thus became indispensable to meet the growing requirements. The architect Friedrich von Thiersch having gained a reputation through construction of the Munich Courthouse and designing of the Berlin Reichstag (=Parliament) building, was put in charge of constructing a new Kurhaus in 1902.

This splendid building, erected at the same site and in similar style as its predecessor, was dedicated in 1907 in the presence of Emperor William II: sumptuous rooms such as the Wine Palor in yellow marble, the Shellwork Room with frescos, rocaille and pebbles decorating its walls; the Red Pavillion set up in the style of Louis XVI; the Bacchus Room and the Corner Parlor with a leather-embossed, gilded ceiling.

Since 1983, the Wiesbaden Kurhaus has been redecorated and modernized. Based on the original plans by Friedrich von Thiersch, which were found again in some archives, and drawing from old prints and photographs, it was possible to recapture the original style of 1907 with all its charms of Williamese architecture, at the same time, however, paying attention to the functional demands of late 20th century.

May we suggest you not only to benefit from the technical sessions and the exhibition of the ACTUATOR Conference, but also enjoy the flair of the wonderful City of Wiesbaden!

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