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The official language of the ACTUATOR Conference and Exhibition will be English.

The Conference includes an exhibition where exhibitors will present components, system approaches and applications of smart actuators and low-power electromagnetic drives based on conventional (electromagnetic) and innovative working principles (new actuators) and associated subjects.

The range of topics also includes measurement techniques, control concepts and circuits, driver components and units, system integration, layout and simulation tools etc.

Within the exhibition area, we will again have applicationoriented presentations on a product level, besides the in-depth conference programme. This Exhibition Forum provides additional information about the exhibition topics on the product level especially to visitors of the exhibition. Exhibitors and other parties are therefore invited to respond with their contributions and presentations to potential customer demand.

Exhibition Topics:

Components, system approaches and applications of smart actuators and low-power electromagnetic drives and related topics dedicated to:
Applications in:

  • Acoustics / ultrasonics
  • Analysis / measuring technique
  • Fine- / precise- / nanopositioning
  • Micro- / nanomanipulation
  • Fluid handling
  • Microfluidics
  • Noise and vibration control

Related to areas such as

  • Adaptronics
  • Automation / micro robots / robots
  • Information technology
  • Manufacturing technique / micro assembly
  • Medicine / medical engineering / biotechnology
  • Motor vehicles / aviation
  • Optics / laser
  • Precision engineering

Opening Hours:

Tuesday, June 16, 2020: 9:00h to 18:00h

Wednesday, June 17, 2020: 9:00h to 18:00h

Thursday, June 18, 2020: 9:00h to 15:00h

Exhibition Package

  • Exhibition booth size: 4 m x 2 m or 5 m x 2 m, bigger booth can be also posisible
  • Electricity 230 V, 16 A
  • Table 1,80 m x 0,80 m and chairs
  • Participation of two persons include the oral ans poster sessions, proceedings and Catering, for further persons, 100,00 € will be charged (reduced fees VDE-Mmebers).
  • Logo on the webpage and conference program
  • WiFi Access

Price: 320,00 € / m² exhibition space +VAT upon booking until  XX.XX.20XX, after this deadline additionla 50,00 € per m² will be cahrged. The firm booking can be cancelled until XX.XX.20XX free of charge. The cancellation have to be in written form.


Open form >update Form editor:

  • > Formularfelder > Standgröße
  • > Formulareigenschaften > Mailversand > Feld "Thema*": Tagungsnamen

Danach den Artikel mit einem Ende-Datum unter > Berechtigungen ausblenden.

general information

General information for exhibitors

general information

Additional bookings such as electricity, booth furnitures, booth cleaning, pinboards aso can be ordered separately.

We recommend to contract an insurance for dammages and loss.

Exhibitors have to respect the general rules of the venue during the event days.

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The Rosengarten Congress Centre is situated in the heart of Mannheim and is ideally connected to most of the important transport routes.
Route-Map (PDF)   

Walkway and tramway from Mannheim Station to CC  Rosengarten.

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Please contact GMM-Office for questions concerning the conference.

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