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The official language of the ACTUATOR Conference and Exhibition will be English.

The Conference includes an exhibition where exhibitors will present components, system approaches and applications of smart actuators and low-power electromagnetic drives based on conventional (electromagnetic) and innovative working principles (new actuators) and associated subjects.

The conference facility of Kurhaus Wiesbaden offers a perfect framework for your exhibition

Present your company and your products in the prestigious Kurhaus Wiesbaden, where emperors and kings once shook hands.
You can find the exhibition plan in the download area.

The range of topics also includes measurement techniques, control concepts and circuits, driver components and units, system integration, layout and simulation tools etc. 

Within the exhibition area, we will have application-oriented presentations on a product level, besides the in-depth conference programme. This Exhibition Forum provides additional information about the exhibition topics on the product level especially to visitors of the exhibition. 

ACTUATOR 2024 Floorplan


Short preview: The floor plan

Already booked: Booth No. 6

Exhibitors of ACTUATOR 2024


Gold Sponsor and Exhibitor

Gold Sponsor and Exhibitor

Cedrat Technologies is an internationally recognized mechatronics specialist and manufacturer of piezo and magnetic actuators offering a wide range of standard products:  amplified, pre-stressed piezo actuators, XY piezo stages, fast steering mirrors, stepping motors, shutters, magnetic actuators, the associated electronics and also customised products. The company has a strong experience in developing compact, precise and dynamic solutions for demanding applications (air & space, optronics, biomed, instrumentation, production machine…).





Since 1948, the ETO GRUPPE has been developing and producing electromagnetic drive components, sensors and electronics, smart materials, as well as Web3 software and services for IoT applications.

ETO GRUPPE products are used to control components and assemblies in mobility, e-mobility and hydrogen technology, traffic engineering, hydraulics, automation, agricultural and environmental technology as well as medical care technology. 

With over 2,500 employees at twelve locations in Europe, North America and Asia, ETO GRUPPE products are used wherever precise, highly dynamic processes take place and maximum safety, efficiency and environmental compatibility are important.


Niterra Co., Ltd.



Niterra Co., Ltd. (former name: NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd.) was established in 1936 (headquartered in Nagoya, Japan).

Niterra is a comprehensive ceramics manufacturer, offering spark plugs and automotive sensors for internal combustion engines, but also a broad lineup of packages, cutting tools, industrial ceramics and piezoelectric ceramics. Niterra's global network of sales and manufacturing organizations, with more than 15,000 employees deliver value creation to the world.

At this conference, Niterra introduces the Lead-free piezoelectric ceramics in order to continue striving to offer new values to the people of the world.

The link provided leads to Niterra's Product Website.

The link below leads to Niterra's Company Website.